Who We Are

Identifying who we are helps to define what we do. We are Missional. We are International. We are Independent. We are Interdenominational.

We are Missional.
GCC is orientated around the mission to which Christ has commissioned His followers – to make disciples. It is a journey to which the whole church becomes an active and transformational Kingdom presence, equipping one another to serve people and societies around us and beyond.

We are International.
GCC serves the English speaking international and national community of Bali giving GCC a rich diversity and strong multi-cultural and multi-national flavoring.

We are Independent.
GCC is a completely autonomous and independent church operating under its own constitution and authority within the requirements of Indonesian law.

We are Interdenominational.
GCC is committed to the Christian faith as defined by the broader Church throughout history. It is our desire to be encouraged in our Faith and not get entangled in secondary matters that draw energy and time away from our central task of preaching Christ and Him crucified (1 Corinthians 2:2).