I’m a Tourist

Are you excited about your trip to Bali?
Are you all packed and ready to go?

Do you have happen to have extra space in your suitcase?
Could you bring an additional small bag?
If so, then why not Pack with Purpose!

If you plan on visiting GCC on your trip to Bali, why not consider packing a few small things that could make a huge difference to somebody here. We have connections and partnerships with many organizations and outreaches that could always use help.

Items to think about:

~ School supplies
~ Backpacks
~ Kids clothes, Adult clothes/light jackets
~ Small toys, games, puzzles
~ Football (soccer) balls, basketballs, outdoor sport items
~ Football (soccer) cleats/shoes (all sizes)
~ Hygiene items (toothbrushes, hairbrushes)
~ Towels, light blankets

~ Also, English language Bibles (in easy-to-read translations such as NIV, NLT, NKJV)

Have a wonderful trip, and we hope to see you at GCC!